The Poisoned Feast

You’ve lived your life as you’ve seen fit. You’ve worked hard to get what you have. Few have stood in your way and those that have are no longer. Now, swept up in a cosmic war that’s been waged for eons behind a truly titanic veil of secrecy, you and your merry band are the ace up the sleeve of machinations you could not begin to comprehend.

What are these weapons that have been bequeathed to you? Why are you hearing voices? Who is The Gentleman and The Man With the Scar? Why does this kingdom need to be toppled? Most frustratingly of all, why does it seem like none of you have a say in your position?

You all have many choices to make. Some may seem easy and others may seem impossible, but make sure you choose wisely because each step you take down this perilous path will shape the future you’re helping to create.

The cosmic tapestry is being re-written and it seems that you’re all the scribes, whether you like it or not.

The Poisoned Feast

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